THE skies over Chirk were graced by a bizarre aircraft on Tuesday as a hot air balloon attached to a camper van soared above the town.

The curious sight was spotted at around 4pm after a balloon with a Bedford Rascal camper van hanging underneath was launched from a field on Station Road.

A Channel Four production crew were at the scene along with cameramen who filmed the balloon's journey from Chirk to Ellesmere from a circling helicopter.

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The strange things that happen when you're supposed to be working!

Posted by Sheryl Bishop on Tuesday, 20 October 2015

(Video courtersy of Sheryl Bishop / Facebook)

The promotional stunt will form part of the Channel Four Helluva Tour show, which will challenge four strangers to drive the golden-coloured van on a gruelling journey from the UK to Australia.

Crowds of baffled spectators gathered at the scene to witness the launch along with actors bearing placards for Foster's lager, the show's sponsors.

Oswestry-based Lindstrand Technologies are one of the world's leading air balloon manufacturers and were asked to assist with the launch.

(Video: Julian Mason / YouTube)

Owner, Per Lindstrand said: "We were approached by Channel Four producers around two months ago with the idea. They told us the premise of the show was to take this camper van from the UK to Sydney and were looking for a company with some ballooning expertise to help publicise the show.

"Although it seemed like mission impossible, we were glad to accept the challenge. We used a Gordon Bennett model balloon, which can be filled with 1000 cubic metres of hydrogen or helium. 

"Although we had a few issues gaining permission from the UK Civil Aviation Authority, the eventual launch was a great success and went exactly to plan."

The show is scheduled to be broadcast by Channel Four next month.