A FURTHER investigation will take place into the money spent on pupil transport by Llanfyllin High School, against council policy.

Earlier in the year, it was found the high school was spending over £102,500 per year from its delegated budget to fund transport for pupils outside the catchment area.

This was against Powys County Council (PCC) policy, however, the governors have always said they were open about the use of the money, and believed PCC had given them the go ahead.

It was revealed other schools in Powys had also done this, while an investigation took place to discover who knew what about Llanfyllin’s use of the money.

Following the investigation by Jonathan Walters, four school governors were suspended from their post, one being Councillor Darren Mayor, who resigned his seat on the cabinet prior to the investigation.

He has been pushing for more answers, and may finally get them after Council Leader Barry Thomas said things will be revisited.

Cllr Mayor said: “We presented a PWC report in our hearings when we were suspended, which showed who spent money on what, and who had seen the report, but it was never used in Jonathan Walters’ investigation.

“It shows clearly where the budget is used, and I just want to get to the bottom of this.”

Cllr Mayor is due to return to his role as a governor following suspension on December 1, and added that there are still huge challenges ahead in Powys.

An e-mail from Cllr Thomas to Cllr Mayor said the monitoring officer advised Jonathan Walters was being asked to consider the extent to which the PWC report affected his investigation.

It was due to be completed by Christmas, with a report going before the cabinet in the New Year.