RECORD crowds flocked to this year’s Oswestry Show, with almost 16,000 people packing into the Showground on a sun-drenched day.

Show chairman Malcolm Roberts says the day could hardly have gone better.

“It was a very successful day,” he said.

“Our previous record attendance was about 15,200, but we had extra space this year because of some redevelopment work on the Showground, which meant we could accommodate more people.

“Our estimate at the moment is about 15,800 to 16,000, which is marvellous.

“Of course, the weather played a big part – the sun shone all day, it was lovely. But we also had record pre-show sales – it was double what we achieved last year.“

One young rider came off her pony in the morning of the show, and in the afternoon one woman felt faint in the heat and collapsed, and another person  suffered a suspected stroke. In each case, medics were present in minutes.

Mr Roberts said: “The medics were superb. They were on the scene so quickly.

“We raised the bar with health and safety this year. It has always been very important, and for many societies the responsibility that comes with health and safety can weigh very heavily, and the pressures and strains can be to their detriment.

“But they need to remember, any event which attracts a large body of people is likely to have some incidents to sort out – but that the number of incidents and accidents is normally very small when you consider the number of people gathered together.“

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