More than £2,000 was raised in just four days to cover the ‘Christmas miracle’ dog’s vet bills.

More than £2,000 was needed to pay for Miles’ vet bills after he was abandoned and then later hit by a police van which was on an emergency call.

The public spent several days searching for the Saluki-cross Lurcher, who was first spotted on Christmas Eve.

He is thought to be around 18 months old and people feared for his life.

Thanks to search parties, using tracker dogs and even an industrial drone, the dog was found in the Mile End area of Oswestry, hence his name – Miles.

Vets gave him only a 10 per cent chance of survival – but following treatment, he now has been declared well enough to be moved from the vets and into a Hector’s Greyhound Rescue foster home, where he is continuing to receive much-needed pain relief and love.

Hayley Bradley from Hector’s said: “Miles is stable and rehydrated but he is still on antibiotics.

“His wounds are being dressed twice a week and it is hard to say whether he will need a skin graft. We are seeing if it will heal naturally first before any surgery but he can’t use his back legs fully.

“It has really pulled on the heartstrings of a lot of people and brought the community together. There are a lot of animal lovers out there.

“He is in an emergency foster home and once he is back to good health the vets will review his situation and consider the best option for him. It’s still going to be a lengthy process – we’re looking at about eight to 10 weeks because of the severity of his wounds being right down to his tendons.”

Well-wishers have now contributed £2,234 to help pay Miles’ bills.