An affordable home for a family in Maesbrook may not be built after planners recommended its refusal.

John and Stacey Davies have sought permission to build a home in the village citing their local connection.

However, a report by case officer Oliver Thomas ahead of Tuesday’s North Planning Committee meeting has recommended councillors refuse the application on the grounds it is not in keeping with the area.

The application has received an objection from a neighbouring resident who says the site is open countryside, however it has received the support of Kinnerley Parish Council.

Mr Thomas said: “Although the applicants have demonstrated a strong local connection and a need to reside in the locality, it is not considered that the overall scale and design of the dwelling’s associated outbuildings and plot layout/shape is appropriate in the manner proposed.

“The scale of the proposed garage is considered to be too significant for its intended purpose, being both disproportionate and inappropriate to the sites context and surroundings.

“Additionally the plots irregular shape and semi-isolation from any neighbouring residential boundaries results in a plot that would be considered as sporadic and failing to reflect and sympathise with the existing built environment, having adverse detriment to the landscape setting and character.”

Councillors on Tuesday will also be asked to decide on part retrospective plans for a home in Lee, near Ellesmere, however this has also been recommended for refusal as it is in open countryside.

The meeting takes place at 2pm at The Shirehall in Shrewsbury.