A famous poet from Oswestry will have his words featured on a £2 coin.

Wilfred Owen died when he was 25 just before the end of the Great War during a British assault on the German-held Sambre Canal on the Western Front on November 4, 1918.

Before his death he had five poems published.

The coin will feature the words ‘the truth untold, the pity of war’ across it and is one of four new limited edition 2018 coin designs released by the Royal Mint in Wales.

He wrote the majority of his poems between 1917 and 1918.

They were recognised after his death as he wrote about the horrors of the war and what he experienced.

A statue of Wilfred Owen is to be unveiled in Cae Glas Park later this year as part of a project supported by Oswestry Town Council and launched by Lights Out Trefonen.

Artist Tim Turner designed the statue which will be revealed at the World War One festival of commemoration and remembrance – culminating on Armistice Day – this year between November 4 and 11.

Wilfred Owen was born at Plas Wilmot, Weston Lane, Oswestry.

Other coins to be released this year include a £2 Mary Shelley coin to mark the 200-year anniversary of the Frankenstein novel, a 50p coin featuring the representation of the People Act and a £2 coin honouring the formation of the Royal Air Force in 1918.