People who enjoyed the infamous ‘Mad Friday’ left Oswestry streets littered with discarded takeaway food, some which was left untouched for five days.

Local businessman Enrico Vittone got in touch with the Advertizer after taking pictures of the mess found on Willow Street early on Saturday morning.

Along with the food mess was a street sign that had been taken out of the ground and dumped in front of a shop.

Despite the majority of the mess being cleaned up, the Clawdd Du alleyway linking Bailey Street and Cross Street was still covered in takeaway boxes and vomit on Wednesday – five days after the mess was made.

Oswestry Town councillor Paul Milner said the people responsible for the mess should consider those who have to clean it up.

“It’s sad that people make the town centre such a mess – I understand people want to enjoy themselves but it doesn’t make their actions right,” said Cllr Milner.

“It creates extra work for the people who clean it up, and I think the people who make the mess need to bear in mind those who have to clean it up.

“Only recently I’ve received compliments on how tidy the streets of Oswestry are, and I really commend Oswestry Town Council maintenance team and Shropshire Council cleaning team who really go unmentioned.

“Obviously the night-time economy is as important as the day-time, but we all want Oswestry to look its best and that means keeping the streets tidy.”

A similar incident occurred at the beginning of 2017, when roads were strewn with food and takeaway boxes on New Year’s Day.

At the time, Shropshire Council’s highways and environment maintenance manager, Chris Fisher, said it was the responsibility of fast-food businesses to encourage their customers to throw their rubbish in the bins provided.

He added: “The officers involved in litter-picking are given Christmas Day and New Year’s Day off as well-earned rest days.”

Shropshire Council was unavailable to comment on the recent incident.