An Oswestry conservation group has said the town’s growth should not be “haphazard”.

The Civic Society says it believes growth should be encouraged but feels Shropshire Council’s current long-term growth plan for the future is not long enough.

And it hopes people from the town will follow its call when a meeting takes place later this month.

Ahead of the Oswestry 2050 campaign launch, David Ward from the group, said: “Planning undertaken by Shropshire Council at the moment looks forward for less than 20 years. It results in development being considered field by field with no concept of what overall plan these developments will fit into.

“If a longer term plan was to be drawn up, it would be possible to work towards a community which was more than just housing estates tacked together. There could be a number of villages, all connected to employment sites, the town centre, schools and the main railway by efficient public transport.”

Currently, Oswestry has a 2020 plan which was launched in 2013 and is a vision for the town for the next 20 years, as well as being included in the unitary authority’s SAMDev (Site Allocation and Management of Developments) plan which details acceptable sites for future development up to 2026.

The Oswestry 2050 campaign will kick off with a public meeting on Thursday, January 25, when members of the public, parish, town and Shropshire councillors, and local organisations will be asked to back the Civic Society’s call for a longer plan.

David added: “Having an overall plan would make it easier to make a case for major investment, such as relief to the A5 and A483.

“It would also to make it easier to avoid unpopular short-term decisions based on a theoretical need to develop small packets of land, and make a case for the inclusion of the hill fort and its surroundings in a protected area of countryside.

“It could also allow areas for self-build development and sustainable passive housing.”

The meeting at Holy Trinity Parish Church will begin at 7pm and include a presentation followed by a discussion.