A Christmas community effort helped find and save a Lurcher that was abandoned and then later hit by a police van in an accident.

The dog – about 18 months old and named ‘Miles’ after being found at the Mile End area of Oswestry – was first spotted on Christmas Eve.

Hayley Bradley from Hector’s Greyhound Rescue said: “Miles took the public by storm – he pulled so many heartstrings over Christmas.

“He was hit by a police van at 9.49pm on Christmas Eve when the officer was on an emergency call-out. The officer was very shaken up by the accident.

“After attending the call-out, she went back with her colleagues to search for the dog.”

Hayley, along with the public helping out, were worried they would not find Miles alive.

“On Thursday I came out with a trap and three tracker dogs. The dogs can work for only half-an-hour at a time because the scent wears off.

“We had been tracking Miles for three days. One of the tracker dogs, a Newfoundland breed, picked up the scent of the dog and off it went.

“Oswestry and the community really came together.

“We even had an industrial drone, which had heat sensors – but it picked up only wildlife.

“Oswestry Police have been fabulous and the farm owners whose land Miles was on have been absolutely amazing.

“The first few days were critical – there was under a 10 per cent chance of Miles surviving,” said Hayley.

“Everyone kept the pressure up and searched until 6.30pm on the Thursday when the tracker dog found Miles by the Mile End area of Oswestry.

“Everyone was over the moon. I have never seen so many people crying their eyes out as they were in the Burger King car park. It was very emotional.

“Miles is in a stable condition but his injuries were very bad. He will need a skin graft.

“His leg had been de-gloved right down to the core tendons. He is not out of the woods yet.

“How this dog has survived so far is beyond me. With hypothermia, shock and dehydration, I’m amazed how he is still alive. 

A Just Giving page has been launched to help the costs of Miles’ vet bills. It will cost more than £2,000 and Hector’s Greyhound Rescue is urging people to donate what they can. To donate, visit Just Giving and search ‘mileenddog’.