An art piece has been donated to Nightingale House Hospital following the Oswestry Balloon Festival held at the British Ironwork Centre in August.

Clive Knowles, chairman of centre, had visited the hospice for a tour of its headquarters in Wrexham and to meet the trustee’s, including chief executive officer Steve Parry when it was noted there was a need for something bright and uplifting in the main foyer area where all visitors to the centre first arrive.

Clive gifted a six-foot long scrap metal balloon wall art piece, specially chosen and arranged for Nightingale House’s newly refurbished reception area.

The inspiration for this piece, was indeed Oswestry’s first Hot Air Balloon Festival which raised £25,000 for the charity over the three-day event.

Steve said: “Wow, I never expected anything like this, it’s going to take pride of place in our newly refurbished reception.”

Clive added: “It was thoroughly a pleasure to support Nightingale House Hospice this year. A hugely valuable asset and vital service to the area. The work and support the hospice provides is incredible.”