While many of us shivered in the snow last week the Herd family from Pant were keeping warm and toasty.

But that’s not because they stayed inside. In fact they did quite the opposite and took advantage of their snow days off school to create an igloo in their back garden.

The seven-foot high structure was created by dad Stephen and his sons six-year-old Ernie, seven-year-old Stanley, and 12-year-old twins Oscar and Alfie.

It took around 12 hours to complete over the course of two days and even featured a welcoming smiley face over the doorway.

Proud mum, Lucy, said: “They started it and it just got bigger and bigger.

“They were all really pleased. The could all sit in it and the little ones could stand up in it because it went up like a tunnel in the middle.”

Unfortunately, as the snow started to melt towards the end of last week, so too did the igloo leaving a lump of ice in the spot where it once stood.

But with forecasters saying more snow could be on the way there will be plenty of opportunity for them to recreate it.

Lucy added: “If they get another chance they will be making another one.”