A warning has been issued by The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust to say they will withold non-life threatening or routine treatment if any patients are behaving anti-socially.

Those being physically abusive could even face prosecution.

The warning letters are signed by the chief executive and are issued to those who have been verbally abusive or physically aggressive to staff in the course of their duty. They warn the recipients that they could have non-life threatening or routine treatment withheld if they repeat their behaviour.

Simon Wright, chief executive, said: “Our staff deserve to be able to go about their duties without fear of aggression – verbal or physical. Anyone who behaves anti-socially should be warned that it will not be tolerated. It could result in prosecution, or the risk of non-urgent treatment being stopped.”

The security team is also taking extra measures to stamp out any bad behaviour including, body worn video cameras, 24/7 security teams, extra CCTV and lone worker pagers.