Lakelands students enjoyed the incredible rollercoaster of emotion portrayed in the dynamic, masked performance of Finding Joy at the Theatre Severn.

To support their GCSE drama course, year 10 Lakelands students were invited to experience an exciting, alternative performance of Finding Joy by the Vamos Theatre Company, at the Theatre Severn. This modern and dynamic theatre company performed a full masked, humorous and poignant story, with no speech just musical accompaniment, of a teenager’s decision to care for his grandmother who has Dementia.

Karen Williams, Head of the Creative Arts Faculty and Drama was really impressed, she said: “The fully masked production was really exciting and entertaining to watch but it also gave our students the opportunity to see something presented in a different way and to see an extraordinary range of emotions portrayed through acting, in a completely different way, without the use of facial expressions.

”We all laughed and cried, at some point during the performance. It was an invaluable experience for our drama students.”

Student Alden Alexander said: “It was very clever how they were able to convey their emotions without speech or facial expressions and made it extremely empathetic and emotionally clear. I was really impressed with how they were able to portray so many feelings, with the use of so few obvious performance techniques.”

Student Madeleine Porritt also agreed, “It was amazing, very cleverly put together with lots of emotion. I loved it.”