Granary steps at a 19th century building in Cockshutt have been saved.

A proposal to remove the feature and insert two windows into the side of the building had been put to the North Shropshire Planning Committee to allow for more light into the property which was converted into two homes in 1989.

However, members felt strongly that the steps should stay.

Councillor Paul Milner said: “The steps are an important part of the history of the granary.”

Councillor Vince Hunt added: “It has been converted reasonable well. But these steps are an integral part of that and I would hate for them to disappear.

“I think there are ways of getting light into the property, it doesn’t have to be that the steps are taken away. But even if there wasn’t then I feel they shouldn’t go.”

The proposal had been recommended for refusal by planning officers on the suggestion by Shropshire Council’s conservation team that it would result “in the loss of a significant historic feature within the overall design and distinctive architectural style of the building”.