An Oswestry pub could be at risk of losing local suppliers because of the threat of parking restrictions.

Duncan Barrowman, landlord at The Bailey Head, fears local brewers that supply the pub could cut ties after delivery vans were given parking tickets while unloading.

Positioned on the Bailey Head, the pub receives deliveries from local brewers including Stonehouse and Three Tuns Brewery.

However, parking restrictions on the Bailey Head are in place from 10am to 4pm, forcing delivery vans to stop at the Horsemarket car park and for staff to roll kegs and caskets down to the pub.

“Unfortunately, one of our suppliers was issued a ticket, despite parking beside the Guildhall where there is a sign saying ‘no parking restrictions’,” said Mr Barrowman.

“The delivery driver tried to appeal the ticket but was refused, which means he has to pay £35.

“My worry is local suppliers will not deliver to us if they are going to be threatened by a parking ticket each time. This could really impact our business. We are proud to supply local brewers but that is now at risk.”

Mr Barrowman noted other delivery services, including those from nationwide companies, have parked in the same place as local suppliers without receiving a ticket. He believes bigger companies “seem to get away with parking”.

He added: “It has been suggested we schedule our deliveries early in the morning to avoid parking restrictions, but we work very late and to get up early is difficult.

“We also have several deliveries throughout the day, which we aren’t always able to schedule.”

The landlord is currently working with Shropshire councillor Steve Davenport to try to find a solution.

“We are doing all we can but at the moment it feels like we’re pushing against a very heavy object,” said Mr Barrowman.

“I’m very keen to uss local suppliers – it’s very important to us. But I’m worried brewers might say no if they are going to be faced with tickets every time they deliver.”

Cllr Davenport, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “Bailey Head is part of the Oswestry town centre pedestrianised zone which operates between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Saturday. Outside of these hours, vehicle access is permitted for loading and unloading and for blue badge holders.

“The pedestrianised zone has been in operation for some years now and most businesses will therefore be aware of the restrictions.

“However, I have asked for the drop-down posts to be looked at, as this may help to address and prevent such concerns in future.”