The Advertizer has had a sneak preview of the medal for the 2018 Oswestry Half Marathon.

The Knife Angel medallion follows on from the design for the inaugural race in April, this year, which depicted the Spoon Gorilla that was commissioned by Uri Gellar.

Clive Knowles, owner of the British Ironwork Centre where the event is held, said it echoes their peace message.

The BIC has created the Knife Angel in a bid to tackle knife crime and in memory of those who have lost their lives to it. It features thousands of blades handed in by individuals across the country.

Mr Knowles also pledged to keep the Oswestry Half Marathon going after its partner for the 2017 event – UK Run Chat – pulled out of the 2018 race.

He said: “I will keep it going. It’s an honour to bring something special like that to the town and we will do it even if it is without financial reward.

“We are already in talks but we will find somebody, it’s just about finding the right person.”