Twenty-seven ‘lifesavers’ are now in the community of Kinnerley thanks to Oswestry Cambrian Rotary and the Oswestry Community Responders.

Lead by volunteer Community Responder Effie Cadwallader, the group were able to put into practice what was demonstrated in the practical sessions. They also now have the ability to know what to do and how to recognise a heart attack, deal with severe bleeding and to practice resuscitation, cardiac compression and choking on baby, child and adult manikins.

Attendees were also shown how to use one of the defibrillators. Kinnerley is one of a growing number on villages around Oswestry that have available a public access defibrillator.

After the introduction to the defibrillator one of the attendees said: “Having seen how easy it is to use, I wouldn’t hesitate in using it.”

The session was organised by Oswestry Cambrian Rotary Club and held at the Kinnerley Village Hall.

Rotarian and organiser Mike Lade said: “It is one of Oswestry Cambrian Community Projects to get as many people as we can able to carry out Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) should the need arise but just as importantly, have the confidence to use the defibrillator. You cannot cause any harm with a defibrillator - only good.”

Each attendee went away with a richly deserved Heart Start certificate issued by the British Heart Foundation which means that each now has the skills to sustain life until the ambulance crew arrive.

This makes nearly 150 people now over the last five years that have been trained in this way.

To help support the Community Responders the attendees donated £102 in total to help them in their voluntary work in the town.

If any group of people, club or community would like a free two hour session then please contact Oswestry Cambrian below.

The Oswestry Cambrian Rotary Club is ready to welcome men and women of 18-plus from all professions, businesses and the local community. They meet informally at The Wynnstay Hotel, Church Street, Oswestry on Thursday evenings. Those that want to eat meet at 7pm those that don’t meet in the bar and they all join together at 8pm.

For more information please come along to hear what their new style of Rotary has to offer or contact Mike Lade on 01691 650854, email or visit their website