Oswestry-based company, Linstrand has seen it’s latest creation – a penguin-shaped balloon – travel the world.

The Oswestry star, TallSteve is made with lightweight rip stop fabrics and weighs 95kg and is a whopping 22.43 meters high, the tallest hot-air balloon Lindstrand has ever made.

Lee Hooper operations director at Lindstrand said: “Tallsteve has taken three and a half months to make but it wasn’t as complicated as it looks. He has gone to Bristol and was launched at an event in Longleat. Since then he has been to America and he will be traveling to Asia soon.

“People love seeing TallSteve and he has gone viral on the internet. Most special shapes like a drink or a bottle have a great reaction and we make them just for fun.

“We hope to see TallSteve at the Oswestry balloon festival next year after his travels.”

Son of penguin-shaped balloons Puddles and Splash, TallSteve was created in September and made his first public appearance at Britain's largest balloon festival, the Longleat Safari Exclusive Cup ballooning event.

TallSteve is now owned by a company in Bristol called Exclusive Ballooning.

The balloon is hoped to return to some local ballooning events over the summer period next year.