A student from Ellesmere College has been awarded the Baker’s Choice Award for her eyeball cake.

The Biology Baking Competition is a yearly event hosted by the Physiological Society.

Well-known baking blogger MadNad awarded student Elinor Haworth for her eyeball cake named ‘Eye live my life through a lens’.

The winning entrees for their BioBake week were voted for by the public, physiologist’s and professional bakers, who are recognised for their bold and daring cake designs.

Sixth form student, Elinor, 17, said “I really enjoyed baking my eyeball cake as it gave me an opportunity combine creativity with my interest in biology. I am proud that I won the Baker’s choice award as it justifies all of the hours I spent in the kitchen.”

The society was fascinated by the creativity of this year’s cakes when shortlisting a selection. Judges admired the level of detail on the eye, ‘not just the glorious sheen, but the detailed iris too,’ and was ‘even a little grossed out by whatever is poking out underneath.’

The Physiological Society brings together more than 3,500 scientists from over 60 countries. Since its foundation in 1876, its members have contributed to the nation’s knowledge of biological systems and the treatment of diseases.