Two Syrian Refugees are setting up a sewing business in Oswestry.

Raed and Bassima El Omor have lived in Oswestry for 18 months and would like to turn their attention to creating a business to put their skills to use.  

Raed works as a tailor and Bassima works as a dress-maker and together they hope to form a thriving business.

Sewing Solutions will be based at their home where they are equipped with a sewing and over-locking machine. They can work on anything from zip replacements and hems to curtain making and repairs. Bassima can even make a dress from a photograph.

Tim Robbins, who has helped set up a Facebook page for the couple said: “Bassima is an extremely talented dress-maker who can create pieces from wedding dresses to fashion statements just from a photograph and Raed is an experienced tailor.

“They came to the UK in horrific circumstances and are now trying to get started with a business involving their combined talents.

“I have known them since they arrived and it is awful to see they are not getting out and showing their amazing skills because of a language barrier.”

CHALK in Oswestry is also getting involved and is offering it’s shop to anyone who wants to drop off an item to be passed on to Raed and Bassima.

For more information you can visit their Facebook page – Oswestry Sewing Solutions.