Residents have objected to a planning application for 30 new homes to be built on land off Park Crescent in Park Hall.

Outline planning permission was originally submitted in 2014 for 23 houses to be built on the land, which was the maximum number the Government Inspectorate recommended should be built.

However, earlier this year submissions for full planning permission of 30 homes was submitted to Shropshire Council. The application states that six houses would be off Artillery Road, three houses off Larkhill Road and 21 houses of Park Crescent, as the access of these roads would be sufficient for the new houses.

At a meeting between Chartland Homes, the planning officer, Karen Townend and the highway officer, Mark Wotton, it was agreed the majority of the development should be accessed off Larkhill Road and Park Crescent.

In a design and access statement, Chartland Homes outline how they have split the site into five phases, each within a separate planning application, building over several years to suit resources and demands.

However, the application has been met with fierce objection from residents of Park Crescent.

Residents have formed a group to fight the plans and have outlined their objections, which included that the Government Inspectorate’s ruling for a maximum of 23 houses was being ignored; the 21 houses that were to be accessed along Park Crescent were through an ‘already dangerous junction’; the design of new houses was not in-keeping with the existing houses and many properties would be overlooked.

It was outlined that Whittington Parish Council also unanimously objected to the five separate applications.

An amended planning application, submitted on October 11, has shown that 30 houses have been reduced to 27, but residents are still concerned that this is over the recommended number.