A former chairman has resigned from the Oswestry Access Group – because he says he was sick of broken promises.

Roger Whitting made the decision last week, despite making some progress in improving wheelchair access around the town.

However, he was unable to make any progress in improving access at the Oswestry Health Centre, where he has demonstrated cars parked making it difficult for wheelchair users.

“Last week I told the group I’m resigning from it – I have been in it too long to get nothing sorted,” said Roger, who was promised by the NHS that double yellow lines would be implemented at the site.

“We’ve had so many promises and they’re not kept by NHS England. I have just been down there and counted 50 places in that private car park next to the health centre that are available.

“I don’t see why the doctors can’t pay to park in there. One lady told me she had to turn around and go to the medical centre through near Sainsbury’s and she missed her appointment.

“We’ve been promised things, then nothing happens. I have spoken to the former mayor, Paul Milner, and I’ve told him I am really frustrated.

“I’ve had two-and-a-half years of the access group and I have gone beyond a point where I can get things done.

“I do want to say the town council around the town has been brilliant but its hands are tied when it comes to the NHS.”

Former town mayor and current Shropshire councillor Paul Milner has campaigned and says the health centre is still trying to solve the issue, but insists those who park over the drop-down kerbs are causing the issue.

He said: “The number of cars parking half on the pavement and half on the road at the health centre in Oswestry are causing a real problem.

“They are a concern for users of both the MIU and the Cambrian Medical Centre, especially for those patients who need to access the dropped kerbs to cross the road in their mobility scooters.

“A partial cause of this problem is people leaving their cars parked on site while going to work all day in the town centre. I would urge people to think of others, especially those patients who need to use the pavements and dropped kerbs, when parking their cars on this site.”