It has been two weeks since Oswestry Castle Research Group started the excavation at Oswestry Castle.

The team have uncovered a section of the Anglo-Norman keep and some objects that will be sent to an expert so they can be cleaned professionally.

Archaeologists will then be able to write a report on how old the specific objects are and what they were used for.

Nick Harrison, who is working on the excavation, said: “We have found bits of pottery which has a glazed inside and from this we know it is something had held water or some kind of liquid.

“There are also pieces of slate that have been uncovered. At that time you would see thatched roofs but this is slate so it shows something of importance was here.”

Last week the team found the castle was much bigger than originally thought and they have discovered a door which may lead to another room or even a courtyard.

The team have been on site since September 4, and have their last day of the excavation this Friday.

The project lasts for two years so a team of archaeologists will return next May and September to carry out more work.