A man from Chirk is hoping to travel across the Atlantic and lend his services to areas affected by Hurricane Irma.

Sam Heyward, and six other men from across the country, who are all qualified tree surgeons, have decided to try to fly out and help islands in the Caribbean damaged by the hurricane.

The group of men are planning to fly out to one of the islands affected by the hurricane, which has killed at least 28 people in the Caribbean and has torn through Florida over the weekend.

“So far we are unsure of which island we are flying to, but we are hoping to fly out towards the end of this week,” said tree surgeon Sam, who is self employed.

“I’ve travelled to Germany for work before but never as far as this.”

The Caribbean Emergency Response Team are currently assessing the islands, while the group wait to hear where they will be sent.

The six men, who come from Ireland, Manchester and London, plan to take their kit and climbing gear to tackle fallen trees on the islands.

“The strong winds blew the trees down or knocked them over into each other. There is no tree surgeons on these islands as they never usually need their services, so we plan on climbing these trees and cut down branches – basically making them safe,” continued Sam.

“I’ve spoken to someone who lives on one of the islands and he said there is a massive clean-up operation going on over there.”

It is reported that Hurricane Irma pummeled the Caribbean with a record wind speed of 185mph for 37 hours, before hitting the US with 135mph winds. Over 6.3 million people were ordered to evacuate Florida and 1.3 million have been left without power.

The group of men are currently searching for a flight in the hope that an airline company delivering aid will also take them on board.

“If they can’t find us a flight we’ll pay for one off our own backs. It is looking like we will be used, it’s just a waiting game. It would be really nice to help out, so fingers crossed we find out soon.”

Sam has asked for anyone who has any contacts that may be able to help get the team on a flight to contact him on 07873265111.