A disqualified driver was caught by police after arguing with his pregnant partner in their car.

Kieran Joshua Bott, of Garden Village, St Martins, had been living with his seven-months pregnant partner at Bryn Hedd in Southsea, Wrexham at the time of the offence on August 10.

Neighbours heard the couple, who were sat in a car, arguing loudly and subsequently called the police.

By the time they arrived, Bott and his partner had left the scene so they went to his parents’ home in St Martins.

Bott’s father rang him and a short while later, he and his partner arrived at the family home.

But Bott had driven down the A483 to get there despite being disqualified for a previous drug-driving offence five months earlier and also having no insurance.

Appearing before Wrexham Magistrates’ Court, Bott pleaded guilty to both charges.

James Neary, prosecuting, said Bott had driven a significant distance despite his disqualification.

Stephen Edwards, defending, said Bott’s family had acted extremely responsibly once they knew police wanted to speak to him.

He said: “Southsea to St Martins is not around the corner, it’s fair to say, but there was no indication of any bad driving.”

Mr Edwards said the reason for the argument was because the couple had been going through a difficult patch and so Bott wanted to return to his mother and father’s house.

But his partner did not take kindly to the idea and there was a stand-off.

Things eventually cooled down and his partner had been in the car with Bott when he drove to St Martins.

Mr Edwards said Bott no longer used cannabis and was looking forward to the upcoming birth of his child.

Chairman of magistrates, Celia Jenkins, imposed a 28-day custodial sentence, suspended for 12 months for the driving while disqualified offence.

The community order imposed for the drug-drive offence was allowed to continue and Bott’s licence was endorsed for the driving without insurance charge.

He was also disqualified for 12 months and ordered to pay £85 costs, as well as a £115 victim surcharge.