Drivers in Oswestry will have to wait more than three months to sit their driving test because the centre is now classed as an outstation.

The Oswestry Driving Instructors’ Group has made contact with the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) to raise the issues around the waiting times for practical driving tests.

Alan Jones, of AJ Driving School said: “We want the people of Oswestry to understand what is happening. There is a group of 20 of us working together to try and get some answers. It is the 21st century and Oswestry should be treated with more respect.”

In the email that was sent to the DVSA, it was made clear that these problems have been ongoing for the last 12 months and not only is the waiting a lot longer, but clients have been receiving short notice cancellations of their tests on top of the waiting period.

The email also stated drivers have to continue paying their instructors beyond a time frame that they budgeted for as well as any prolonged anxiety they have for the test.

Alan added: “They are saying that it’s a outpost so it’s down the pecking order basically. Oswestry should be treated with more respect.

In the email we said that we are willing to meet as a group with any of their representatives but in the reply there was no acknowledgment of this.”

The DVSA responded by saying that Oswestry in an outstation of Shrewsbury and there are no staff based at the test centre. Also adding that examiners from Shrewsbury are utilised to staff Oswestry and Whitchurch.

Elaine Searle, communicator for the DVSA, apologised on behalf of the organisation.

“I am sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment we have caused you and your clients. I appreciate the careful preparation a driving test entails and the distress a cancellation can cause.”

Elaine added: “Please be assured we are doing everything possible to reduce waiting times at all test centres.”