A health food bar is on the way to Oswestry.

Homegrown businessman Tom Brown is launching his third venture in the town – HEAT or Healthy Eating and Training – on Willow Street from the end of next month.

Tom, who is known to many for his successful businesses, The Meat Man and Activ8 Gym, said there is definitely a gap in the market.

He continued: “It will be the first of its kind in our area, but these businesses seem to be popping up all over the UK.

“Eating health is a big trend and is a billion-pound industry because people want to change their bodies for the better.

“In Oswestry, where do you for something healthy for your dinner? Through HEAT we will be brining healthy food to the people of Oswestry. It will be a place where you can select your own meals, so you choose your protein, then your carbs and then your vegetables, but there will be set meals as well, plus smoothies and protein waffles and so on.”

Work on the health food bar is due to begin immediately with the hope of having it open by the end of September.

It will be open six-days-a-week from 8am until 5pm, but with later openings on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for those who want a health takeaway option.

But there will also be eat-in options and ordering online.

Tom, who himself underwent a 12-week transformation earlier this year, added: “This works perfectly for me with owning the Meat Man and Activ8.

“But a lot of my changes was through eating properly.”

He added: “I’m really excited to be opening my third business.

“There are some people who moan about Oswestry but it can’t be that bad if I’m under 40 and opening my third business. You’ve got to be proactive and find a gap in the market and research it. I asked people in Oswestry and they definitely want this.