Plans to pay tribute to a soldier who received the Victoria Cross in 1918 are under way.

Next year, March 10 will mark the 100th anniversary of the award of the Victoria Cross to Oswestry’s Harold Whitfield.

Harold joined the Shropshire Yeomanry in Oswestry in 1908, and served in ‘B’ Squadron for 28 years, finishing as the Squadron Sergeant Major.

The cap badge issued to him when he joined the Yeomanry remained in his possession during his entire service and he was very proud of the fact he had managed to keep it during his 28-year career.

The cap badge is now on display in Oswestry Museum.

When he died, the Shropshire Yeomanry provided a military funeral for him and some of the streets in Oswestry were closed to allow his coffin to be borne through the town to his resting place in cemetery.

At the recent funeral of another long-serving Yeoman, former Sergeant Brian Rowe, some of the few remaining local Yeoman agreed Harold’s bravery should be recognised next year by those who have served in the Shropshire Yeomanry. Discussions are under way exactly how he will be honoured on the day.

As the Shropshire Yeomanry ceased to exist as a regiment in 1969, those attending will be at least in their mid-60s.

n If you served in the Yeomanry and wish to be included, contact 01691 654827.