Whittington and Oswestry Young Farmers’ Club had an emotional day at the show as they raised funds for the mountain rescue team who found James Corfield.

The club added Brecon Mountain Rescue to its original choice of three charities – Cancer Research UK, the Air Ambulance and Lingen Davies Centre – in memory of James, whose brother Tom had enjoyed social events with the YFC.

Iwan Ellis, the outgoing chairman of Whittington and Oswestry YFC, admitted James’ death was a shock and they wanted to help.

“We’ve actually raised the money for Brecon Mountain Rescue who were out looking for James and who found him,” he said.

“All of us at Whittington and Oswestry knew of him, but we knew his brother Tom better who did quite a lot of stuff for Chirbury and Marton YFC, who we do a lot with socially.

“We all knew him and it was a big shock for us to hear about it. A few of us were quite upset and it was an emotional day for us.

“Shropshire YFC have really supported us this year and they’ve pushed us to help raise money for Brecon.”

Donations were taken from people who had fun on the ‘gladiator arena’ as the YFC targeted more families to enjoy the fun.

They plumped for an Under the Sea theme and have been working with schools to increase awareness of what they do.

Iwan added: “There were loads of kids’ entries – we’ve pushed our competition with schools locally and they’ve helped us a lot.

“We had plenty of games related to the theme – things like reel a fish and hook a duck – but we’ve also got the usual agricultural competitions such as highest bale of hay, keeping our theme.

“It’s good to get the schools involved. The YFC is not just about farming, but also educates people about what we do.”

He added the show is the pinnacle of the calendar and that he has enjoyed his time as chairman.

“I wouldn’t change a thing,” he said. “I think I’m the 73rd chairman of the club and it’s a huge honour. It’s helped my confidence massively.

“This is a big chance for us to advertise ourselves – we’re very lucky the show gives us the space free and we’re next to the main ring.

“The rugby club have sponsored us too, so we had money to put things on and we held ‘It’s a Knockout which was good fun.

“Tudor Griffiths gave us the prize money for that and we thank them for it.

“I think we’re an embedded part of the show and a lot of members are on the committee. It’s a big part of our calendar.”