It was a very special Oswestry Show for two youngsters from Llanrhaeadr YM.

Ten-year-old Nia Ellett and her eight-year-old brother Aled were handling for the very first time with their herd of Greyface Dartmoors.

The prospect of competing against handlers who were much older and more experienced than them was understandably creating some nerves beforehand, but they still did a very good job.

Mum Viv said: “This is our first year competing.

“We actually came here and liked the Greyface Dartmoors, which led to us getting some ourselves.

“We spoke to one of the breeders and since then we’ve bred a few ourselves.

“They’re a very friendly breed and quite easy for the children to handle.”

She added: “We’ve had to get them halter trained ahead of the show and keep them clean.

“We also had to shear them earlier than normal, then just keep on top of the wool.”

The wool is just one of the many features judge Claire Jakeman was looking at as she judged the Longwool and Closewool breeds.

She explained: “I’m looking for good meat in the back legs, good tight wool, and they need to be correct in the mouth and in the testicles because that makes for good breeding stock.

“I’m absolutely delighted to be judging the rare breeds at Oswestry Show which is really helping to support British breeds.”

To find out more about rare breeds, visit the Rare Breeds Survival Trust website