The steward who helped organise the vintage cars and motorcycle competition is delighted to play a part in the show.

Viv Jones, who may be in his last year of organising in his 25th year of being a steward, admitted he was looking forward to coming as a punter.

He added: “It’s marvellous to be part of the show.

“People saying it’s hard to get their cars into the show is good to hear, but also at the same time we would like to get more into it.

“But it’s an agricultural show and we have to keep numbers down because of space. But it’s good that we have so many people wanting to take part.

“It’s a wonderful, one-day show and being part of that is excellent. I work in Oswestry and have done for 32 years.

“I know what it means to people – it’s a lovely place and the people are good, while this showcases them.

“I love the cars – the ones you remember as a child like the Volvo that was in The Saint TV programme. It’s little things like that I love and you look at the cars we had as kids.”

Brothers Tony and Pete Colaiocco brought their Volvo with a number plate – ST1, representing Simon Templar – that pricked the interest of many.

But the pair admitted the plate wasn’t genuine and loved building the car up.

Pete said: “The plate is just for show – but it’s grabbed everyone’s interest.

“Seven cars were made for The Saint.”

John Walker, from Whittington, showcased his 1969 rare automatic MG GBT, and was pleased to finally join the show. He said: “This was made to order and there are only about 300 left in the country.

“I’ve owned it for about three years. I’ve always wanted one but my wife and I went caravanning and couldn’t afford it.

“When we gave that up, we said we would buy one – and after she died, I did. When this current one came online, I thought I had to have it.”