Poor parking causing problems at popular Shropshire beauty spot

Published date: 23 July 2014 |
Published by: Rebecca Cole
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Poor parking is causing problems in Weston Rhyn 

POOR parking is causing problems at a popular beauty spot.

Residents lobbied Weston Rhyn Parish Council with concerns about cars parking dangerously on Trap Bank in Lower Chirk Bank and on the nearby canal towpath.

Roger Dyke, clerk to the council, told PC Katie Le’Clere: “The vehicles are making the road very narrow by parking there and they are also reversing from the towpath on to the road by the canal bridge creating a serious potential traffic hazard.”

Councillor Maggie Rowlands claimed there would be “quite dangerous” if an ambulance ever needed to travel down the road and suggested putting up signs asking people to be considerate when parking and pointing visitors in the direction of the car park further up the canal near The Poachers pub.

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