Crowd goes ape for view of cutlery King Kong

Published date: 20 May 2014 |
Published by: Staff reporter
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IT STANDS at a colossal 12 feet high and is made out of 40,000 spoons, including one used by wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and now the British Ironwork Centre’s spoon gorilla is on display for all to see.
Unveiled in a day of pomp and ceremony on Saturday, the giant creature received the Royal seal of approval from Prince Michael of Kent, plus wonder from spoon-bender and commissioner of the project, Uri Geller
The pair had flown into the Aston-based centre to officially reveal the sculpture, which has been under 24-hour security while artist Alfie Bradley spent five months painstakingly creating the iconic piece which is reminiscent of King Kong himself.
Uri, who will display the gorilla at his Berkshire home from the end of the month, told the Advertizer: “It’s stunning, amazing, bewildering - there isn’t anything like this anywhere in the world, it is unique and I’m very happy.”
Prince Michael added: “What a wonderful sculpture, I never imagined this could be done, The British Ironwork Centre is a credit to the country.”
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