'Hole' lot of subsidence going on!

Published date: 25 February 2014 |
Published by: Staff reporter
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THEY’RE opening up all over the world, swallowing valuable possessions as they go, and now not one but two sink holes have emerged near St Martins.
Glyn Morlas resident Sam Evans last week got in touch with the Advertizer to tell us about the anomalies by his home, which are up to 10 feet wide and three to four feet deep.

“They look like something off the moon,” said Mr Evans, “I think it’s probably down to the recent wet weather.
“We’ve got a lot of mining activity underground here, so I hope it’s not a mine shaft.”
He continued: “When local holes start opening up you do wonder what’s going to come next.”
Sink holes first hit the headlines earlier this month when one opened up in a residential part of High Wycombe and swallowed a car.


THAT SINKING FEELING: Right. Glyn Morlas resident Sam Evans examines one of the sink holes which have opened up in St Martins recently. TS


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