Burglary victim's anger over council flytipping caution

Published date: 14 January 2014 |
Published by: Emily Davies 
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A CHIRK businessman has hit out after he was wrongly accused of fly tipping after his shop was burgled.
Jim McCorquodale’s Korky’s General Store in Church Street and the neighbouring Guys and Molls Hairdressers were targeted in an early morning raid that saw both stores showered with rocks on March 5, last year.
But as well as having £80 cash, change and a black leather bag containing items used for valuing jewellery stolen, worth around £800 from his store, Mr McCorquodale was faced with a caution for fly tipping from Wrexham County Borough Council (WCBC) after invoices stolen during the raid were discovered at a recycling point in a neighbouring car park.
Last month, Ioan Matthew McKenzie from Wrexham was jailed for 12 months after he was found guilty of both offences, which included cash valued at £165, hair straighteners, clippers and scissors were stolen from the hairdressers, when he appeared at Caernarfon Crown Court.

Mr McCorquodale said: “I got a letter to go and see them [WCBC] but they would not say what it was about and I was not allowed to take anyone in with me.
“Then they accused me of fly tipping and said I was being cautioned and did I have a lawyer – they never told me I needed one.”
The 59-year-old said although he admits the invoices were his, CCTV footage of the raid shows McKenzie putting them and other items into a bin bag before leaving the store.
“I have got this against me with no appeal,” continued Mr McCorquodale. “I read this letter every day. I was denied representation and the person who made the decision was not even there when I went to the council. The criminal [McKenzie] however, had the opportunity to defend himself.
“If I had done something then fair enough. I understand I run the business, but I was burgled.”
A spokesperson for Wrexham County Borough Council said: “Following an investigation, Mr McCorquodale was issued with a formal warning. We had made a note of the burglary and no further action has been taken.”

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