Llanfyllin's public loos to remain open

Published date: 31 December 2013 |
Published by: Rebecca Cole 
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PLANS to close a public toilet block have temporarily gone down the pan.
Llanfyllin Town Council had been frantically trying to come up with a plan to save the town’s facilities after Powys County Council’s cabinet announced it would cease managing toilet blocks across the county, of which a number have already been closed
But last week, the authority revealed it would extend its responsibility until the end of the financial year and re-open those which had gone out of use.
Llanfyllin councillor Peter Lewis welcomed the news.

“This is a very good thing for the town,” he said.
“We have been working to figure out how we could run the toilets ourselves and have advertised for a cleaner but this news takes a lot of the pressure off.
“I hope it will also give Powys a bit more time to realise how important public toilets are to towns and villages.
“They’re vital if you want to encourage tourism.”
Llanfyllin Town Council had agreed to take over the running of the toilets but had to lobby the county council to repair the mains, claiming it would not be fair for them to inherit the block with existing problems.
Powys agreed but the town council is now struggling to find a cleaner, without whom the toilets will not be able to stay open.
Cllr Lewis added: “We had been worried about what we would do with them over the Christmas period but this news means the urgency is not as high.”
PCC had been looking at transferring responsibility for nearly 40 facilities to town and community councils or close them if no agreement could be reached as part of budget cuts.
Cabinet member for operations, Councillor Geraint Hopkins, said: “The delay will give town and community councils the opportunity to fully consider the budget implications of any transfer and make appropriate provision in their annual budget.
“We believe a combination of public, private and community supported facilities is right for the county but it must be done in a way that allows local community councils and other organisations to properly manage their budgets.”

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