Calls to restrict parking before a child is run over

Published date: 17 December 2013 |
Published by: Sarah Staples 
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GRIDLOCK on a busy road during the school run has sparked the need for a change in parking regulations, amid fears a child will get knocked over.
The A495 Station Road in Whittington is used by parents who park on one side of the road to drop off and collect their children from the primary school.
But the volume of traffic at the start and end of the school day has raised fears for pedestrians’ safety.
Now Whittington resident and Shropshire Councillor Steve Charmley is leading plans to restrict parking at peak times of the day
He said: “Parents all park down one side of the road, so if a HGV pulls out it is committed to carrying on and will have to mount the pavement. It is becoming a safety issue for pedestrians.
“We are about to launch a consultation to see how people feel about the changes.”
One of the the proposed changes to Station Road is a new ‘Park and Stride’ initiative.
The idea, created by Mr Charmley and Whittington Primary School, aims to encourage parents to drop their children off at points on the outskirts of the village, where they will then be walked in by a volunteer.
Mr Charmley said: “It will reduce the amount of cars in the centre of the village.”
It is hoped that parking restrictions will be enforced in January 2014. They will run from the school crossing to the junction of Yew Tree Avenue and cars will not be able to wait outside the post office.
Whittington Primary School headteacher Sean Sibley says the school already operates walking buses from Whittington Castle but concludes they are trying to set up two more from different points in the town.
He has also contacted the police to request they help manage the parking outside the school.
He said: “We have asked the police to be present at the start and end of each day to enforce parking regulations.”


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