Council claim town is being treated unfairly

Published date: 03 December 2013 |
Published by: Emily Davies 
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A U-TURN could be on the cards in Chirk after the town council claimed it is becoming a double taxation target.
Councillors hit out at Wrexham County Borough Council (WCBC) last Wednesday after they agreed to take on lighting and play area costs.
The decision was made in principal by the local authority’s General Purposes Committee after a visit by Lawrence Isted, Head of Community and Wellbeing and Development at WCBC, in September.
He told members that with £35 million in cuts looming, community councils would have to look at taking on, or paying for, certain assets.

But Councillor John Vant said that after discovering not all community councils will be asked to take over facilities, Chirk should not have to either.
He said: “We have been misled.
“We accepted this on the basis of fairness, but now it does not seem to be.”
He was backed by Councillor for Chirk North, Ian Roberts, who continued: “A number of other councils have pushed it back to Wrexham and last time we managed to fight the lighting.
“But I believe this time it is not going to happen and it is just target for our area. If that is true we need to know what is going on.”
Cllr Roberts also said it appeared the Ceiriog Valley and former Glyndwr Council ward that are being asked to take the extra costs, which could reach £9.50 per person per annum in comparison with other wards who will only pay between £3 and £4.
Councillor Brian Colley said he and other councillors had been left feeling they had no other option but to take on the additional costs following Mr Isted’s visit.
Representatives of the town are due to meet with counterparts from WCBC on December 12, however the local authority agreed to send a letter in advance asking for their concerns to be addressed ahead of meeting of WCBC’s Executive Board concerning street lighting two days before.
At the time of going to press, no-one from Wrexham County Borough Council was prepared to comment.

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