Review: The Sea, 'Rooftops' (out now)

Published date: 05 July 2012 |
Published by: Emma Mackintosh
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Lusty Records - out now

YOU could be forgiven for thinking that the Sea is bigger than two people, but you'd be wrong. Brothers Peter and Alex D'Chisholme (no that's not a typo) create an expansive sound, catchy rhythms and loud, deliberately enunciated lyrics.

I get the feeling this is a band who put all their emotions into a record, although lyrically they can come across as more than a little generic.

Their sound could have slipped under the radar from the mid 1990s, emphasised by the additional brass section on tracks like opener 'New York' and the 'wooah-oahs' and guitar reverb on 'Where's The Love'.

Tracks like 'Panic On The Streets of Dalston' could be a Robbie Williams cast-off from back in the day (no offence, fellas).

'Rooftops' is escapism from 2012 - the Sea talk about telephones ringing, not iPhones or Blackberrys, but telephones.

The band also really love London; it's mentioned not only in their lyrics and song titles but all over their album artwork.

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